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Hi/Hellow Welcome to the 75th' Street Cripz forums if you want to become Cripz you guys can apply in this server, by the way My name is Frank Rayz Larry
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 General Information and Requirements - 75th' Street Cripz

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PostSubject: General Information and Requirements - 75th' Street Cripz   Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:33 pm

This thread is intended for potential recruits and current members, or random visitor who wants to know more about this family.

General Information

First of all, we are roleplay family, we might go to points from time to time just for fun, but we are mostly roleplaying, if you are not going to show up on roleplay events, or going to ruin it by trolling, random shooting/CSing, you should avoid joining us.
We encourage diverse and unique roleplay, we try not to make our roleplay constant wall spraying.
We are planning on having daily updates on our roleplay thread, enjoy.

Questions & Answers


Question: Who usually takes care of forums section?

Answer: That would be me for now (Nicholas Pennington), I'll be doing forum threads and edits in it mostly.


Question: Can I join gang please I like crips very much, I will help, I will be loyal please, can I?

Answer: As long as you meet requirements below, and you are planning to dedicate yourself and not quit in 2-3 days, sure, contact us ICly in game.

Question: You said you are roleplay family, but one of your members has no idea how to RP! What do I do?

Answer: Contact me (Nicholas), I usually take care of most lackings in roleplay quality. if I am not available, feel free to contact other leadership members.

Question: Thanks for letting me in! Can I join a crew?

Answer: Only crew you are able to join as any rank is Recruiters, you need to be good roleplayer for joining it, and you'll have to speak with r5s in that crew, if they are not available there can be made exceptions and you might be placed by R6. (None of R6s are in that crew)

Question: Can I apply? Where is application form?

Answer: Come on, we are street gang, we don't have applications, official recruitment stages, and etc.

Question: How can I rank up? is it easy or hard?

Answer: It really depends, if you are excellent roleplayer, very loyal and always responding on backups, you'll rank up very fast.

Question: What I should not do if I want to join?

Answer: If you are going to call me, and then MG to me, you'll have no chance of joining, so don't be annoying, best way to join us would be to come to our hood and wait before anyone at all arrives, then tell them that you want to join, do not call us and do not spam us, if you got our number ICly its of course okay to call us, but if you are just going to straight MG everything, just don't.


Nothing much to say here really, we usually use common sense and our own judgement rather than requirements, but...

As mentioned before, you must be up for some roleplay, and already know basics of it.
Obviously must know all server rules well, and don't rulebreak, if we notice you broke rule, you'll be most likely be kicked or at least demoted.
Must be mature, its always okay to joke around with friends, or people you know, but being immature or trolling in roleplay scene will be not tolerated.

This thread is planned to be amended few times, so feel free to check back.
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General Information and Requirements - 75th' Street Cripz
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