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Hi/Hellow Welcome to the 75th' Street Cripz forums if you want to become Cripz you guys can apply in this server, by the way My name is Frank Rayz Larry
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 Recommendation system

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PostSubject: Recommendation system   Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:26 pm

Hello friends, we've decided to add a new method for recommendations.

Each rank has it's own certain amount of recommendation points.

R6 - 4 points.
R5 - 3 points.
R4 - 2 points.
R3 - 2 points.
R2- 1 point.
R1 - 1 point.

Once you post an application, our members will start recommending you or derecommending you.

In order to get accepted, you must achieve at least 21 points of recommendations.

but if you reach negative amount of de-recommendations you'll get instant deny (-7/21).
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Recommendation system
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