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Hi/Hellow Welcome to the 75th' Street Cripz forums if you want to become Cripz you guys can apply in this server, by the way My name is Frank Rayz Larry
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 75th' Street Cripz - Rules

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PostSubject: 75th' Street Cripz - Rules   Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:20 pm

Before applying, made sure you're going to stay active and loyal, and not quit after a week.

What do we expect you?
Good communication, roleplaying and shooting skills.
In the end of the day, this is a game, we don't need any babies here, so if you're a drama queen, spare your time.

Some basic rules:
We expect at least medium-rp level from our members, if you wish to join us but don't know how to roleplay, there are many guides on the internet - this is an important rule.
While applying, you must make sure you've no beef with any of our members and in good terms with everyone.
Rulebreaking will not be tolerated, so if you're a rulebreaker don't bother applying.
While posting an application you'll have to hang out with us for a while and gain our trust (show us your roleplay, communication and loyality). It won't take months, but also not a day.
We might discuss about you with our current members. You're not allowed to go and ask them to support you.
You have to be atleast level 5 to post an application.
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75th' Street Cripz - Rules
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